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Our original London Dry Gin, made in the heart of Yorkshire and hand crafted in our traditional, copper alembic pot stills.

(Link takes you to our friends at Latitude Wine & Spirits)

Thomas Green's
Coffee Liqueur

Expertly crafted using cold brewed coffee, which is carefully selected for its balanced notes of bitter, dark chocolate and warm vanilla.

Our small batch coffee liqueur has a low sugar content allowing the coffee flavour to boldly stand out when mixed, or sipped over ice.

Tasting Notes:

Creamy stone fruit sweetness leading to a dry woody spice ending with a toasted cocoa bittersweet finish.

Serving Suggestions:

Great for sipping over ice with an orange twist or the perfect ingredient in an Espresso Martini, 


40ml Vodka

20ml Thomas Green Coffee Liqueur

25ml Fresh Espresso

10ml Guinness Syrup (equal parts Guinness and Sugar, gently simmered till all the sugar is disolved)


Shake over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with 3 coffee beans.


25% ABV

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